Best Days to Post on Facebook by Industry [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you’ve ever searched for, “When should I post to Facebook in order to receive the highest level of engagement?”, you’ve probably read dozens of posts and seen several infographics which all suggest some ideal times to post. However, have you ever wondered for whom are these ideal times? When it comes to social media, as in the real world, every industry has its quirks and there is not just one ideal time to post to Facebook. The good folks over at LinchpinSEO have addressed this issue and put together a nice infographic that illustrates the best days to post to Facebook, segmented by industry.

For instance, if you’re in the food & beverage industry, you’ll be well served to post on Friday-Sunday as opposed to Monday-Tuesday for the technology industry. The inforgraphic also contains some interesting facts like: posts published between 8PM – 7AM receive 14% higher interaction than posts between 7AM – 8PM.

The data was compiled by analyzing user engagement on over 1,800 Facebook pages from the world’s top brands.
Facebook Posts by Industry