Are You a Social Media Guru?

You’ve heard it before and maybe even seen it on LinkedIn as someone’s title: Social Media Guru. Some have even swapped “guru” with “wizard”, “maven”, or the ever popular and generic “master”. But what exactly is a social media guru? Merriam-Webster defines guru as:

1: a teacher and especially intellectual guide in matters of fundamental concern
2: one who is an acknowledged leader or chief proponent
3: a person with knowledge or expertise

Now you’re probably saying to yourself, “Wow, I like social media and I think I fit somewhere into one of those three definitions, I should put ‘Social Media Guru’ on my business card!” So who determines if someone is a social media guru? You’ll be happy to know that the answer to this question is: YOU! This title is self proclaimed 99.9% of the time (with the exception of people like Guy Kawasaki who have proven their guru-ness) and used by millions worldwide, so if you want to be cool and get lost in the fray with all the other social media gurus, just make sure you meet the following criteria in the Toothpaste for Dinner comic below:


Thanks to Drew at Toothpaste For Dinner for the comic.

Vine App: The Ultimate Guide to More Likes and Followers

Likes and Followers Vine app

This post originally appeared on Social Media Today on March 12, 2013 and was written by Craig Fifield.

Ever since Twitter relaunched Vine a few weeks ago, I’ve been testing it out on my own and with a handful of client accounts. Since Vine is still so new, I thought you might find my notes on how to get the most out of your time on Vine useful, so I reworked them into this guide. I hope you find it helpful! Continue reading

Hater: A Negative Alternative for Social Media


Social networks like Facebook and Instagram are intended to help users share their lives, but Jake Banks believes the language of “likes” used on these services forces us to be overly positive and restricts our ability to be ourselves. That’s why he decided to develop an alternative social networking app called Hater, which is intended for sharing all the things you don’t like. Continue reading

What the Heck is Twitter?


Despite having over 140 million monthly active users,  many people I speak to about Twitter either don’t understand it or can’t be bothered to join another social network. Well, Twitter isn’t just another social network. Ever since its creation in 2006, it has been making strides to become one of the top social networking tools in the world…and it’s succeeding. Continue reading