What the Heck is Twitter?


Despite having over 140 million monthly active users,  many people I speak to about Twitter either don’t understand it or can’t be bothered to join another social network. Well, Twitter isn’t just another social network. Ever since its creation in 2006, it has been making strides to become one of the top social networking tools in the world…and it’s succeeding.

Who’s using Twitter?

Everyone from CEOs to celebrities have flocked to Twitter to expand their business or just to give us insight into their lives. That’s the beauty of tweeting: anyone can do it! Many other social networking sites cater to a certain demographic, but Twitter brings everyone under one umbrella in a simple, yet sophisticated, way.

Why is Twitter so great?

Simplicity is Twitter’s strongest point. Lacking the distractions of many other social networking sites, it is able to concentrate solely on what a social networking service is intended: networking and sharing content. With its simple interface, Twitter allows users to post their 140 character “tweets” to a large audience and receive pertinent news in the same format. All the extra games and applications that you would find on a site such as Facebook are absent from Twitter. This lack of substance is great because some of us don’t care to help someone’s lost cow in Farmville or view someone’s drunken photos from last night. In this day and age of fast technology, we just want to get information quickly without clutter or distraction.

Twitter’s simplicity makes for a great transition to mobile devices. Most smartphones have a Twitter app available for download. If you own an iPhone, Blackberry, or Android device, an app may have already come preinstalled. These mobile apps expose Twitter’s full potential by allowing users to quickly and efficiently send and receive information from virtually anywhere.

Why should I join Twitter?

You might say, “Tweeting is stupid and over-hyped! Why would I want anything to do with it?” To be fair, with Twitter popping up all over the media, I can see how one may become irritated by the plethora of tweets referenced from the celebrity and sports world. The platform has millions of users, all of whom you can choose to follow or not follow. I have found it advantageous for making new connections and staying informed of things that interest me. I’ve made excellent connections and have access to a myriad of resources right at my fingertips.

This little bird is here to stay for the foreseeable future. Its ability to allow users to communicate in a free and open environment and ease of use make it appeal to all demographics. If you’re still opposed, I tried my best, but at least sign up for a Twitter account and see if you can stop at just one tweet.